The peak element of great clients

This week I got to see the last six months come to life through an industry event for our client PeakLogix.

For the last two years, we’ve worked with PeakLogix to refine their brand and create consistency among their materials – from their website to client case studies to adverts to email campaigns. They’ve trusted us to upgrade their somewhat traditional brand and infuse some edge. For a conservative industry, it’s been rewarding to use inventive imagery and messaging that drives attention to our client.

The MODEX show is the industry’s premier event for material handlers, distributors and everyone else who’s part of the supply chain – PeakLogix works with all of them to provide solutions for their clients.

This post isn’t really about what Peak does, though. It’s more about our relationship with them.

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know you get real cozy with the folks you’re there with. From show setup to working the booth to the dinners and drinks, you get to know one another a bit more personally. This time with the extended Peak team only reinforced why we like working with them so much.

They trust us. They appreciate us. They like us. And they’re like us.

I can see why they’ve been so successful for the last 25 years. I’ve seen them treat every partner, vendor, whomever exactly the way they treat us. Their high expectations of their partners are equally matched with their high appreciation for their efforts.

As exhausting as the week was, it was so energizing. It was great to be on-site to see everything come together, as well as participate first hand in their efforts to connect with the industry they’ve been part of so long. It was also very validating to speak on their behalf as a representative of their brand, confident that we know their brand, services, and products as well as we would if we actually worked for them.

The relationship we have with Peak is not unlike our relationships with our other clients.

We become ingrained in all our clients’ brands, their goals, and their missions. No matter how much or how long we work with a client, we take being a steward of their brand seriously. We will always advocate for their brand and their stake in making the world better in whatever small way they can.

The payback? Doing great work for great clients. It sounds cliché, but it really is the thing that gets us going everyday. Oh, and in this case, I also got to play with LEGO robotics all week. And that’s pretty dope.