With Kid President front and center of the children’s motivational industry, Be A Noble Kid was having a hard time gaining attention in this space. Like others in this fairly new segment, they provide motivation to kids to be their awesome selves; but they were challenged with carving out what really made them different. And noble.

Brandekko transformed Be A Noble Kid from a nonprofit with heart to a nonprofit business with social savvy.

We redefined their entire business strategy, then dove into creating a dynamic brand and engagement strategy. To start, we took a magnified look at who their real audience is: kids. We created a digital experience that’s kid-first, including all the language and visuals. While we understand their corresponding adults will guide their experience, we kept all art direction and brand assets kid-friendly and focused on their core demographic: kids aged 4-10.

A responsive site design for Be A Noble Kid

We created a mechanism to get the activities and lessons that Be A Noble Kid’s produces in the hands of everyone, beyond the schools and organizations they work with directly.

To achieve this, we designed a series of free, downloadable “printables” ranging from thank you cards to postcards to happy grams and more, all available right on their site and easily shareable.

Then we focused on the business opportunity – to create a freemium model of all their proprietary activities. We created and launched their ecommerce store where proceeds fund their ongoing community outreach and program development.

Finally, we stepped up their social game to provide engaging strategies to promote their activities and interaction both online and in real life.

The result: Be A Noble Kid saw a 37% increase in web engagement 60 days post site launch and a 22% jump in social followers after kicking off their revamped social campaign. To date, with each new printable shared, they see a significant jump in social shares and website visits.

“Brandekko brought our dream of Be A Noble Kid to life by telling our story more clearly than we could have ourselves. Not only did they legitimize our brand, but they listened intently to our mission, goals, and passions, and perfectly captured them in everything they created for us.”

Kati RobinsFounder

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