Exploring the world of design… and traveling it, too

By April 11, 2017 No Comments

Have you ever heard of Estonia?

It’s a small country in Eastern Europe – west of Russia, east of Sweden, north of Latvia, and south of Finland. Yep, there.

You may not be familiar with Estonia, but it’s likely already infiltrated your life. Why? Because it’s arguably the most tech savvy country in the world, and it provides technology solutions for private companies and government agencies all over the world. With just 1.3 million people, all of whom have digital identities, this tiny powerhouse invented Skype, votes 100% online, and allows (and even encourages) residents anywhere to become e-residents.

Estonia touts itself as a digital society.

We’ve ventured to Estonia to find out what this means. For the next little while, part of our team will be soaking up as much knowledge from the bright minds of this tech haven. We’ll be learning best practices for our web and technology offerings. We’ll also be checking out the latest trends in design aesthetic from the creative talent in this Baltic nation (that prefers to be thought of as Scandinavian). Where better to gain exposure to smart, simple design that enhances what we already do?

After only one week, we’re seeing the benefit of being here first-hand. We’re learning more about this digital society directly from the minds who created it. We’re sitting among the next generation of entrepreneurs in an office aptly named after Mr. Branson himself at our new coworking space. And, we’re fully taking advantage of the Telliskivi Creative City in the capital of Tallinn.

Beyond where is Estonia, “who” is Estonia?

The country’s got its story down to one sentence: Estonia is a place for independent minds, where things get done and there is always room for new ideas. So, we’re here looking to get things done, be inspired, and generate new ideas. We’ll keep you updated as we learn and experience more. And of course, we’ll be applying our newfound learning at first chance we get!


Photo Credit: Enterprise Estonia