What our clients think.

“Brandekko enables our facts, our story, and our content to be delivered with great design and professionalism, but without losing its authenticity or voice. Frankly, they just make us look good... they make us look much better than we could possibly do ourselves. It's like extreme home makeover but for your brand and deliverables. It still speaks to you, your voice, and your brand... but it looks much, much better.”

Dan Chamberlain37th Parallel Properties

“Working with Brandekko is not just about building a website, it is about creating a personal brand. If you put in the time and go through the creative process, the outcome is something uniquely special. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I especially appreciated their patience and collaboration throughout the journey!”

Sarah BirdsongSoule

“Brandekko has been instrumental in helping SkillSmart build its brand and convey its message to our target audience. They are always available and have worked with us every step of the way to make sure we achieve success.”

Kyle FriisSkillSmart

“Brandekko brought our dream of Be A Noble Kid to life by telling our story more clearly than we could have ourselves. Not only did they legitimize our brand, but they listened intently to our mission, goals, and passions, and perfectly captured them in everything they created for us. We are forever indebted to Brandekko for so accurately explaining to the world who we are, and helping us, step-by-step, along the way!”

Kati RobinsBe A Noble Kid

“The upgraded PeakLogix website looks fantastic! You've done an outstanding job on all aspects of it and I believe that it doesn't take a back seat to any site I've seen. Thanks for all you do to help us.”

Bob GibersonPeakLogix

“Brandekko transformed our brand in a matter of weeks. From logo, to tagline, to investment deck, they did it fast, creatively and with a terrific sense of humor. The icing on top - they did it within budget. We'd sing Brandekko's praises from every mountaintop!”

Saira RaoIn This Together Media

“Brandekko is a perfect fit for us and has helped us grow from a fledgling company to over $415 million in transaction volume. They have this unique ability to craft a brand that matches exactly what you want, quickly, and with strong attention to detail. We can't recommend them enough.”

Chad DotyFounder, 37th Parallel Properties

“While producing a multi-phase marketing campaign that required detailed creative efforts in both the creation of the materials and the launch of the campaign, Brandekko has been busy planning and coordinating a major industry trade show for PeakLogix. All the while, keeping things moving along with excellent communication and technical skills. Our team enjoys the responsiveness and attention to detail Brandekko has afforded us.”

Karen LynchPeakLogix

“Brandekko is the best sort of creative partners - thoughtful, responsive, enthusiastic, and always in the mood to do great work.”

Jeremy Farojeremyfaro.com